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GGN President William Murphy on the Fred Holland Show (May 10, 2020)

Good Government Now President William Murphy appeared on the Fred Holland Show to discuss the GGN proposal for Congress to use its express authority to hold Executive Branch officials in inherent contempt to enforce congressional subpoenas.

They discuss the checks and balances of power between the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and both chambers of Congress.

Murphy, William J. [Interviewee] and Holland, Fred [Interviewer]. “Congress Must Diversify its Subpoena Enforcement Arsenal to Counter Escalating Executive Branch Obstruction.” The Fred Holland Show. WTKI/WEKI Radio. Huntsville, AL. March 10, 2020. 
(Listen from 1:43-7:48 and 11:22-20:41) (15:24)
Dr. Bill Murphy Discusses the need for Congress to diversify its subpoena enforcement arsenal to counter escalating executive branch obstruction and a recent appeals court decision in the case of former White House Counsel Don McGahn denying Congress the ability to file lawsuits in federal court to enforce subpoenas of executive branch officials.

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