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The Challenge: A Major Constitutional Crisis

The American political system is experiencing a historic constitutional crisis marked by the institutional decline of Congress, abdication by the legislative branch of many of its core constitutional responsibilities, and insufficiency of congressional legislative, oversight, investigative, and contempt enforcement capacities coincident with the emergence of a massive, costly, unaccountable, overreaching federal administrative state increasingly antagonistic to constitutional values, congressional oversight, and the rule of law.

The federal government has increasingly abused its power by violating the civil rights of citizens, engaging in unconstitutional surveillance, targeting and harassing individuals for their political and religious views, violating the constitution and the laws of the United States, exceeding the limits of the authority by imposing regulations inconsistent with the intent of Congress expressed in law, and engaging in irresponsible spending and borrowing that is running up budget deficits and national debt unsustainably.

Congress is the instrument through which the people control the federal government and hold it accountable.  All the powers of Congress and the other branches of government are derived from the people. The failure of Congress to conduct effective oversight of the federal bureaucracy means that the American people have lost control of their government. A growing cohort of political office holders, policy experts, advocacy groups, and citizens, commonly referred to as the “Article I” movement, are alarmed by these developments and working to restore the proper constitutional balance among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.  Good Government Now is a committed member of this Article I community.

Our Vision

To achieve an enlightened American government always compliant with the Constitution, rule of law, and vision of the founders.

Our Mission

To strengthen congressional legislative, oversight, investigative, and contempt enforcement institutional capacities to re-establish an appropriate constitutional balance between the legislative and executive branches as well as accountability of the executive branch to Congress and the People.