GGN Inherent Contempt Fines for Subpoena Non-Compliance Proposal Gaining Traction in House Leadership Discussions: Rep. Schiff Third Committee Chair To Consider

Recent news reports from NBC News, Reuters, Axios, HuffPost, The Hill, and other media outlets confirm that the modified inherent contempt enforcement proposal recommended by Good Government Now (GGN) is continuing to gain traction on Capitol Hill and is being seriously considered by senior House leadership.

Modified Inherent Contempt Enforcement Rule

Good Government Now (GGN) is recommending that the U.S. House of Representatives address the crisis in the declining effectiveness of congressional oversight of the executive branch by adopting our proposed “Inherent Contempt Enforcement Rule” which would strengthen congressional subpoena and contempt enforcement by creating a process whereby the House could conduct trials of, convict, and directly sanction executive branch officials who obstruct the legislative information gathering process.

The Inspector General Shortage: GGN Senior Fellow Jason Foster in the Wall Street Journal

Just before the release of the Mueller report, Attorney General William Barr reminded Congress that another report is coming soon. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is wrapping up his related probe focusing on how the government handled the Trump-Russia investigation. If history is any guide, Mr. Horowitz will lay out the facts objectively, accurately, and in meticulous detail. His office produced a 514-page report on Operation Fast and Furious and a 568-page report on the Clinton email controversy. Both were widely accepted as authoritative due to the quality of the work and Mr. Horowitz’s credibility as neutral and fair. It’s a remarkable record in a country increasingly divided along partisan lines.

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