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Speaker Pelosi considering GGN Inherent Contempt Fines Proposal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks at a press conference in the Capitol. (Video by Real Clear Politics)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated in a press conference in the Capitol that the House is considering the Inherent Contempt Fines proposal recommended by Good Government Now, according to a Real Clear Politics video.

“Well, that is a path. That would be inherent contempt. The contempt civil contempt, criminal contempt, and inherent contempt,” Pelosi said when asked about using fines to enforce congressional subpoenas.

“Nothing is to be off the table,” she continued. “So in inherent contempt you send a subpoena, they don’t honor it then hold them in contempt and if they do not comply then you can fine them. And then you can hold them accountable for the money that you fine them.”

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