Rule on Civil Enforcement of Congressional Subpoenas

Good Government Now is proposing an amendment to the rules of the U.S. House of Representatives to improve compliance with congressional information requests and enforcement of subpoenas of executive branch officials in oversight disputes appropriate for civil enforcement. The rule distinguishes cases involving claims of executive privilege from those that do not and channels only the latter, which are better suited for adjudication in favor of Congress, to civil enforcement in federal court.

Can the House Strengthen Civil Enforcement of Subpoenas to the Executive Branch through Rules Changes? – Panel Discussion – Friday, 9/21/18

The executive branch has obstructed legislative information gathering with increasing frequency and effectiveness for the better part of the last two decades. A distinguished panel of congressional oversight experts will evaluate the merits of Good Government Now Senior Fellow Michael L. Stern’s proposed “Rule on Information Requests and Subpoenas” as a solution to this problem in a luncheon discussion on Friday, 9/21/18.