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Brad Miller: Preventing the Next Trump

"The election of a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress in November will be more than the normal alteration of ...
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McGahn Subpoena Ruling a Pyrrhic Victory for Congress

by Dr. William J. MurphyFedSoc Blog, January 8, 2020 Good Government Now President Dr. William J. Murphy Although the U.S ...
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Can Congress Enforce their Subpoenas?

Federalist Society Article I Project Executive Director Nate Kaczmarek interviews Good Government Now President Dr. William J. Murphy about GGN's ...
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Press Release: McGahn Ruling a Pyrrhic Victory for Congress

Case Highlights Weakness of Legislative Subpoena Enforcement as Congress Continues to Allow Executive Branch to Deny Access to Most Effective ...
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The Case for Direct Appointment by the House of Outside Counsel to Prosecute Citations of Criminal Contempt of Executive Branch Officials

by Morton Rosenberg and William J. Murphy Morton Rosenberg, Senior Fellow,Good Government NowDr. William J. Murphy, President,Good Government Now Abstract ...
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A Message From Bill Murphy: Working with Congress On Behalf Of The People

This is what Bill does almost every day while in Washington D.C. — Educating Congress to give power back to ...
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